Friday, July 14, 2017

I had a lot of stimulation of abusing sex in Teluk Bahang.
Often it was heavy. I was sometimes for hours in bed or
completely down because of this.
I have a lot of voices which I think are not my own.
If the terror should stop I had to do  something for them,
I heard.
I notice something which I estimate as programming
to a social democrat. A lot of negative talk is going on
to get my mind down to make me to accept their rule.
But that may be also from my past
There was also massive reprogramming of SM Sex.
It overwhemes my consciousness when then is any
additional stimulation.
I can use my mind better for me it is not as good as it
used to be
There are also somethings which I see as manipulation.
I am forgetful. I cannot direct myself as good as
I could.