Thursday, January 28, 2016

In the night to the 27th of January I was still awake
at about 3.45 am in the morning.
I noticed something slow moving past my room.
What I thought sow moving? I managed to get
up and open the door without being heard and
looked outside. I saw the young Chinese
woman staying opposite to the right and a Chinese
man who at once they saw me ran in the room of
the Chinese woman. they soon came back outside to
knock at the door of the Indian couple staying opposite.
When the door opened they gave the Indians a bag with
powder of darker colour. Then they went back into the
room of the Chinese woman and stayed there.
I was baffled laid down just laid down and pondered
but also slept a little. After a few hours at the early
morning I went up and outside. I saw a white powder
exactly at the area where I saw the two Chinese first.
I swept up the powder put it in a plastic bag.
I tried to smell it. It had an instant effect on my eyes and
my airways. That on the airways was stronger. I could
not smell it long due to the effect. I thought is it possible
to use such powder to reliably numb a person?
And after that get into the room where they laid out
the powder and steal all belongings? My room has a
old wooden door which I can open from the inside
when it is locked from the outside. It should be possible
with a bit knowledge to open this shaky door from the
The next important point in this story is that I have been
told that this Chinese woman preys on men
probably preferably tourists and one morning these men
wake up with nothing left.
I spoke to the manager of the hotel about this information
He told me not to speak about this, which probably means he
supports and protects her intentions.
Hasty without thinking enough I went to the police
and reported the whole stoy. I was convincing enough
to make police come to the hotel to question the woman.
I was also questioned and asked about the substance.
I had it in a plastic bag. In it I could not show it.
It was white like the bag. So I turned the bag to make
the substance fall on the floor but there was not much to
show no white on the floor. This was a flop for me.
I should have put the substance in a small transparent container
and take some time to find one before going to the police.
The idea with the plastic bag which even had a hole on it was
Maybe the substance was volatile, but It has been three hours
on the floor before I got it.
This flop also led to an end that i was probably seen
as paranoid and the woman was left alone.
i think now I should have sought counselling from the police
about what I had discovered and not have asked for action in
the first place.
But good counselling is understandably not that easy available
in a country where English is the second or third language also
for policemen.
.Voices in my head later told me that this substance just could
have been used with the intention to harm me not to numb me,I do not know.

To put me in a better position I repeat the suspicious points
There was this Chinese woman with a Chinese man slow moving
in front of my room. They were not normal moving. this slow
moving made me get up, normal moving is not suspicious for me.
When I opened the door and looked outside they ran away.
the Chinese woman was dressed and with a Chinese man so for
which reason she ran away. Then the white substance on the floor
which effects airways and the eyes quickly when you come close.
Further the woman appears to be known as one which goes after
men with evil intentions.
How the story with the police went was not that good but
suspicion remains that there has been something evil in
the making when I caught the two Chinese outside of my room.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I have voices which say that I would have attacks on a
unprecedented scale now. They would destroy  me now.
Announcements related to attacks are often true to my

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I had stimulation of abusing sex yesterday and today into sleep.
Yesterday it was very  hard.

Friday, January 01, 2016

I had the last days repeatedly stimulation of gay sex which
is stressful