Saturday, December 27, 2008

I stayed some days in Chumphon. All nights harassment. Sometimes very hard. Voices had announced that it would be like this. Last time when I was in Chumphon there was nearly no harassment.
They want to finish the whole thing voices say.
I had an ugly rip off from Thais there. As Thais are also in the whole thing of harassment, I have to get it clear. Thais are my enemies on the whole. They give a chit on human rights. They like torture, enslavement, exploitation. That is how many are. And this sort decides what goes on towards me. As this terror which I have everywhere in Thailand is said to be government related it shows that Thailand it integrated in western style fascism no matter which party rules and people go along with it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Michele Moore had apart from others also the articles

Electronic Harassment A Real Threat

Intellectual Property Theft And Harassment

Who is protecting Our Psychotronic Weapons?

in the American Chronicle. I searched for them and could no more find them.

She gave also links to Mind Control webpages she saw as credible like the following.

Intellectual Property Theft by MC is with me permanent. Also the Thais enjoy it. But most enjoy it probably those who are the leading human rights hypocrites in the world. Germans and Americans.

Mind control and electronic harassment are carefully kept hidden and can be easily used for exploitation from the top towards the weaker or divergent segment of society and politial control. This elitecentered society is anyway someting America stands for.
America and the world are heading in the wrong direction. That is also due to this weapons and the greed of power who possess them.
People who know and open their mouth become threated as well. It is hard to find a way out of this.
So the establishment created a hidden facism in the world by concealing this technology and using it. It drags the world towards disasters through their unjustified powers the mainstream has, because good politics is mostly not mainstream.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The whole last time I had stress and massive programming of abusing sex.
Voices say they want to end the whole thing. There again there are Thais who go along with this crap and support it. What quite some Thais also like to do then when I have a lot of stress is to try to rip me off. That somebody tells me something helpful related to the terror in my back hardly happened. That is Thai culture. Would you like to get to know Thai culture. Just read my blog. Ha, Ha, Ha.
Well I have a reason why I stay there. It is for me still less worse than other countries as the terror follows me and did take place massively in Germany for instance.
I know it from the Internet that it takes place in the US as well. How could it be different.
There are many people target of such terror.
It has also to do with mainstream madness to control everything.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Today massive terror in the guesthouse where I stay in Surat Thani. I had such also in Chaiya. Massive terror also in Phun Pin.
Information where I go and stay is often given to other places to ensure my torture. Guesthouses often support my abuse. Many Thais just do not support my human rights.
That is how they are.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

In the hotel in Surat where I stay again a lot of harassment this time asleep.
Today massive programming of abusing sex in Surat Thani.

Friday, December 05, 2008

I stay in Surat Thani. In the afternoon I had a nap. I woke up miserable.
Since my last post about Thailand I have mostly much harder terror. There is also hard programming to a German social democratic control addict.
I would be glad if any Thai tells me about the terror, because I am sure there are quites some who know. But nobody does. That is Thai culture, they seem to enjoy thier racism with the support fo harassment towards me, a disabled foreigner. That is also where quite some Thais get happines from. Would you like to get to know Thai culture?
This could be a task for the PAD, to get investigations about electronics used for terror and a nationwide supportsystem which is ready to harass people against the law.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I searched Wikipedia for electronic harassment. No results. On electronic harassment suffer quite some people. And no link in Wikipedia. so wikipedia seems also to have political control, probably done hidden.
I am not the only one who links to this.

I had hard harassment in my flat in Chaiya and also harassment in Phun Pin in Queen Hotel.
Disgusting Thais.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

After my last post in my blog about politics I had a stronger attack. This time when I was asleep again reprogramming of abusing sex, very stressful. But other factors may play a role as well.
There should be investigation in a nationwide working system which can harass any target at any time and hides behind national security or else.
That I have often sexual harassment may have to do with the point that they abuse my weaknesses or because in the US people are advised to live abusing sex in clubs. I met an American student in sociology who said she could make money with writing on any topic who also advised this. I think it is better to work it out. It has to do with with your history about sex.But that they recommend this means they don't now how to heal it, or think it is too much work. Being the best may mean to keep others from being better. Maybe that is also a reason why abusing sex is reprogrammed in me.