Tuesday, December 02, 2008

After my last post in my blog about politics I had a stronger attack. This time when I was asleep again reprogramming of abusing sex, very stressful. But other factors may play a role as well.
There should be investigation in a nationwide working system which can harass any target at any time and hides behind national security or else.
That I have often sexual harassment may have to do with the point that they abuse my weaknesses or because in the US people are advised to live abusing sex in clubs. I met an American student in sociology who said she could make money with writing on any topic who also advised this. I think it is better to work it out. It has to do with with your history about sex.But that they recommend this means they don't now how to heal it, or think it is too much work. Being the best may mean to keep others from being better. Maybe that is also a reason why abusing sex is reprogrammed in me.

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