Sunday, December 21, 2008

The whole last time I had stress and massive programming of abusing sex.
Voices say they want to end the whole thing. There again there are Thais who go along with this crap and support it. What quite some Thais also like to do then when I have a lot of stress is to try to rip me off. That somebody tells me something helpful related to the terror in my back hardly happened. That is Thai culture. Would you like to get to know Thai culture. Just read my blog. Ha, Ha, Ha.
Well I have a reason why I stay there. It is for me still less worse than other countries as the terror follows me and did take place massively in Germany for instance.
I know it from the Internet that it takes place in the US as well. How could it be different.
There are many people target of such terror.
It has also to do with mainstream madness to control everything.

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