Monday, December 22, 2008

Michele Moore had apart from others also the articles

Electronic Harassment A Real Threat

Intellectual Property Theft And Harassment

Who is protecting Our Psychotronic Weapons?

in the American Chronicle. I searched for them and could no more find them.

She gave also links to Mind Control webpages she saw as credible like the following.

Intellectual Property Theft by MC is with me permanent. Also the Thais enjoy it. But most enjoy it probably those who are the leading human rights hypocrites in the world. Germans and Americans.

Mind control and electronic harassment are carefully kept hidden and can be easily used for exploitation from the top towards the weaker or divergent segment of society and politial control. This elitecentered society is anyway someting America stands for.
America and the world are heading in the wrong direction. That is also due to this weapons and the greed of power who possess them.
People who know and open their mouth become threated as well. It is hard to find a way out of this.
So the establishment created a hidden facism in the world by concealing this technology and using it. It drags the world towards disasters through their unjustified powers the mainstream has, because good politics is mostly not mainstream.

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