Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some days ago I had a rape. Sex with violence was induced.
A horrible event I do not know how long I will suffer from it.
Voices even said I should get used to it.

Yesterday evening I left my flat in Chaiya and went by bicycle to a shop. When I entered the road several motorbikes overtook me. I did not feel well about that feared something might happen. After I was in the shop I went back to my flat on my bike. Quickly after I started to ride the same. Several motorbikes overtook me at the railway tracks. They may have been stalkers to intimidate me.

So I ask the people of Chaiya who have seen this and to try to remember who the people were who did this and tell me and help me to get information out of them or care themselves about the people. They may be also a threat to you. Though I cannot be absolutely sure about this, there is a high probability that I estimate this people right.

This people may be connected to a government related terrorsystem which can turn against anyone in the country. I read once a report that also Thaksin used a basher against the democracy movement. For me it looked like this man belonged to a government related gang stalking system . The government has all over the country people accessible to do harassment actions or more for it which are not covered by any laws. The whole thing may hide behind national security, but actually the terror is also used to serve special interests and goes against the basic human rights of the targets. It is in the interest of the Thai people that this system gets unveiled and destroyed.
They as well can be and probably are targets of this system.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I slept yesterday in the norning without closing the shielding and did not have that much stress.
Last night I did and had very hard harassment. Voices said before I should not do it.They did not want it. But I did. I notice stress coming from one direction which I am not able to shield yet.

The poeple I meet in Chaiya are mostly nice this is what I enjoy. But I had again that sort of hidden harassment which is able to destroy me.

In Chaiya where I am now there are no foreigners so Thais are doing this.

So are Thais to me in Thailand for no visible reason. Not much about Thailand isn't it.

There are a bunch who are nice but in fact I have that hard harassment from Thais in several places all over the country. I also have to assume that a certain number of Thais knows what is going on and keeps quiet, say it different they silently support a enslavement or destruction of mine. So when I take the nice people and the disgusting ones together and look how I fare in Thailand I come for me to the following judgement at least for the last time.

The Thais are nice people? Bullchit, they are bastards!

I won't hide that this sort of harassment also happens to me in other countries but the people there are anyway not 'in danger' to be called nice. (Germany, Malaysia...)

That they were nice people is history.

May be Thailand is going along the globalisation of certain unhuman standards coming from America or Europe and gives up its superior level which they had in some areas.

It is not only my opinion. Two other foreigners who know Thailand for 20 years also said they they have turned a lot to the worse.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Now I had hard sexual harassment and programming during sleep which makes you think "I don't like to do anything for some time.....I am exhausted". The programming is like you feel loosing your face, there is trying to shape the personalty.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I stay in Chaiya some days now. I encounter mostly friendly people but in my direct living environment I don' feel well. I had most days sexual harassment the last time harder one.