Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have bought something online the control terrorists don't approve of according to the voices I have. What happens? Several Emails sent from my google emailaccount to the seller and messages from him to me don't get to the destination
A year ago I bought some nice shirts in Bangkok. In Nong Khai I gave them to a tailor to change them. I never saw this person again.
Walking through Khao Sarn road in Bangkok I saw a girl who interested me. She was dressed in clothes you usually find with alternatives. I liked it. I stopped and pondered. A Thai approached me and started a talk. Then he looked in the direction the girl was sitting and finished the talk then. The girl had gone.
I had bought another shirt in Malaysia which was about the same style as such which I gave to the tailor. This is the only shirt I can't find anymore. I had also voices about this style and programming to buy something else.
That is MC for. And Thais seem to love to participate in this.
I assume that Muslims experience same things. So when the Thais think they can support to press people in shape I can say I understand that Muslims don't want to belong tho you. On the other hand Malaysia may be worse.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I had a lot o programming in my dreams and stimulation of abusing sex during sleep.
When I went into town I had a lot of unvoluntary body movements and stress again.
Then I may speak or act not in a mindful way which can bring me into trouble or bring about loss.
This is intended by MC. To produce a breakdown. In psychiatry there behind closed doors with specialists around they have the means to change people to the desire of those behind all.
(Hypnosis for instance)
This crimes are said to be government related. I say it is mainstreamrelated. On this way Psychiatry can be used as a political tool to eliminate opposition, to create slaves or followers for any institutions etc. The structure of psychiatry enables this. That is one important reason why psychiatry is the system most governments all over the world choosed to establish in the mental health area. Alternatives which are of much more help for those who are in mental trouble and which do not include such possibilities are marginalized. This is mainstream. With the mainstream it is everywhere like this. If you don't want such miserable politics people should learn to oppose the mainstream as a whole.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I have spent about a month close to the guesthouse Jomannee in Nong Khai. It was a hard time with a lot of attacks and stress. But I refer some o this to my MCS and electorsensivity.
Once while walking in this area two smaller kids unleashed a bigger dog. It barked only but I was scared at first. There is some probality that the fact they did this to me had to do how the parents thought about me.
There I had no programming to a social democrat.
The north east of Thailand is said to be in favor of Thaksin.
I am now in the south and have a lot programming to a social democrat again. Terror is not that hard.
In the south the majority is said to prefer the democrats.
Are this political parties linked worldwide? Just an idea, there may be much I do not know what can lead to other conclusions.