Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have bought something online the control terrorists don't approve of according to the voices I have. What happens? Several Emails sent from my google emailaccount to the seller and messages from him to me don't get to the destination
A year ago I bought some nice shirts in Bangkok. In Nong Khai I gave them to a tailor to change them. I never saw this person again.
Walking through Khao Sarn road in Bangkok I saw a girl who interested me. She was dressed in clothes you usually find with alternatives. I liked it. I stopped and pondered. A Thai approached me and started a talk. Then he looked in the direction the girl was sitting and finished the talk then. The girl had gone.
I had bought another shirt in Malaysia which was about the same style as such which I gave to the tailor. This is the only shirt I can't find anymore. I had also voices about this style and programming to buy something else.
That is MC for. And Thais seem to love to participate in this.
I assume that Muslims experience same things. So when the Thais think they can support to press people in shape I can say I understand that Muslims don't want to belong tho you. On the other hand Malaysia may be worse.

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