Monday, November 21, 2016

Today I woke up and felt a little recovered which also affected the
mind. I do not know when I had such the last time but I was used
to such and stronger recoveries during sleep before my
harassment started 21 years ago.

The last days I have spent much in bed. I am a few hours up now
and want to go to bed again.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I watched a presentation of Shawn Stenenson about sleep.
He said about that the body detoxifies during sleep.  This
would be the main way to detoxify the body.
Recent research would show that the unability to detoxify
the brain would be the major reason why Alzheimer' s develops.
I do not know the exact words Mr Stevenson said. So the
meaning of his words can be a little different in detail but
hardly in the main point.

I am a target of gang stakling and mind control activities for
21 years now.
I am woken up often in the night 3 times.
I have programming in my dreams which is stressful.
I have stimulation of abusing sex which has in the past
often that painful that I could no more go to sleep this night.
I have had with this stimulation of abusing sex over
distance sexual abuse for many years with varIous effects
on my health.

For longer time I am worse organized than before.
Such happened due to the ongoing harassment
The last time I noticed forgetfulness.
Last week for instance I lost my key, my umbrella
and my shoes in a few days. I need time to recognize
people know but not much.

So this forgetfulness may be an indicator of a degenerative
disease whih leads to death after some time

With that the harassment can be considered as tried murder.

I hear voices also such which are not my own.
They say they want to get me to breakdown
Then I could be sent to Germany and there put in a care
facility after being deprived of the right of decision.
I do not want that. So they use this means.

That is just an idea why this harassment is happening.
The whole stuff looks like being German social politics.

My sister is living in a care facility which costs the taxpayer
3500,- Euro a month. If she would have been treated like a
human being she would be able to walk and take care of
of herself This would cost a quarter of a care facility if she
would need state support.
After having harassment for years her body gave up when she
dos the first time in psychiatry. I know it was at that time.
She developped multiple sclerosis and lives in a roll chair now
There have been reports on deaths related to such harassment.

They do not care about the damage they do and you can be sure
 they  do not care what you want.

Monday, November 14, 2016

I had yesterday stimulation of abusing sex .
and I notice programming.
Voices trying to get me to jump to conclusions.
Some voices which I had a long time have

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I wanted to write it already but I did not.
The day after the election I could much
easier be active than the days before.
I refer to my blog entry before this one.

Today I had strong stimulation of abusing
sex. When I got down into the cafe of
the place where I stay two woman contacted
me emotionally this way. Maybe they have
been doing it before as well.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

I actually wanted to write something related to the
election in the US but I had 2 bad days now and did
not do much. Some stress may have been from
guests, but some I do no know. I had such often in
the past. Influence was like this that I could not
even think of learning English after I had done it for
years consequently.
Or being able to do some stuff and then for some time
hardly anything.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

I had all the last days stimulation of abusing sex into
sleep in the guesthouses where I stay.