Sunday, December 31, 2006

Today morning I perceived stress coming from one direction in my room. There was already shielding installed. I stepped it up considerably. The stress was much less because of the increased protection but after one minute the stress stopped completely. An attack whatsoever had been stopped.
The strength of shielding I need in some directions exceedes that what Mukazo Mukazo Vunda describes in his book 'coherent madness...' as sufficient to block radiation coming from free available and portable devices. But I am electrosensitive and MCS that means other means can contribute to the need of shielding. I had it already in the room several times, but sources outside can also be reason for the extended need.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I had severe sexual harassment when I slept last. It was also announced before by voices.
Several times before I had experienced this amount of shielding I had put up as sufficient to block sexual harassment. It worked also there where I stay now for one day.
But now it was horrible.
The last weeks I am staying in Thailand I had much more and harder sexual harassment than in Malaysia before except in the Indian area in Penang. The voices say they want me to stay in Malaysia and may be the harassment has been put up to destroy the positive image I have from Thailand. Except in the meditation wat in Nong Khai and in Ban Khok Thailand has been a better place for me than Malaysia.
I understand now that human rights are not valid nowadays. When you cannot defend them you don't have them. There seem people to know about this harassment and keep quiet or support it.
The sequel of the post from 15.12.2006

Some years ago I met on the bus to Cambodia a man who said he would be a former FBI agent.
He also seemed to know me as he started our first conversation with such questions with why I would not be taking drugs or not trying to get rich. He could not know about me at that time on a legal basis.
We met sometimes when I came to Trat where he stayed.

In short some of the conversations I had with the former FBI agent.

I said that I think that the FBI confims the use of MC against people for instance to bring people on the right way.
He nodded.
My comment to this this is robbery of freedom. There is no right way.
On the question on how to escape MC he answered:

'That is nearly impossible as most governments around the world love to use MC weapons.'

MC and gangstalking from Thais is used in Thailand against me for a longer time now.
I should go to Germany. I have no proof who the responsibly people in Thailand for this are.
When I first mentioned in a internetgroup that Thailand uses MC I had helicopters crossing over me in a meditation temple in Nong Khai in 2005.
Helicopters only were once over the temple exactly one day after I sent this message.
In Thailand there are probably not many who are able to use helicopters.
I can't tell the exact day as I am thrown out of this group where I sent it to.
See last message.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I am on some internetlists about MC. Yesterday I told the moderator of the mindcontrolforums at egroups that I would no more write to the list because I would not accept that he censors my messages. I experienced that messages I sent to the list did not appear at all or were changed.
He has put be under censorship because I wrote that Eleanor White would probably a perp.
His reaction was that he removed me. Facistic style in an group for victims.

The message below I sent to another group in which I am also put under censorship because I wrote that Eleanor would probably be a perp.

mindcontrolresearchforum at egroups

I told the mindcontrolforummoderator that I would not accept that he censors my messages (what he did) and would no more write to the list and only stay on it.
His reaction was that he removed me.
That is how it is in reality dealt with critic on the mcf.And that should be for victims? That is facistic style.
We need something better. Worse it could hardly be. I will see now how much this forum is worth and will publish it when you react in the same way. This message will appear on other places.

We will soon know what this group is in reality about.

Friday, December 15, 2006

That may explain what MC is paid from.

... and to which scale it might have been happening for years.

Pentagon Can't Find $2.3 Trillion!

This CBS news segment shows the Pentagon is unable to keep track of 25 percent of the money it spends, or about $2.3 trillion a year. No one knows what this money has been spent on; there are no records of it.
Despite this, defense spending has continually increased over the past few years, and few attempts have been made to ascertain where the "missing" money is, and accurate accounting alone could be used to reduce the military budget.
In all, $2.3 trillion comes to about $8,000 for every man, woman and child living in America. June 14, 2006

this article is from
newsletter 12.14.2006

my comment.

I think the high military budget o f the US is for dominating the world.
MC is to subdue its own people and free people all over the world under mainstream concepts. Certainly not enjoyable what is coming from America.
Yesterday I had voices that I would overcome what would be seen as decay with learning of special mental abilities. I had discovered that I could alleviate my forgetfulness I have since childhood by doing this.
The voices also said we have long tried to brush aside your problem of electrosensibility but it seems to be a speciality of you to put it as long in the foreground until the last one has to recognize it. I have spent hours with shielding and adapting my room to be able to sleep last night.

Today I had an Email from with offers of several books.
The first was about learning technique the second one about electrosmog.

Did this coincidence happen by accident or something else?

I may construct relationships in my mind but it is also possible or what I think it that my mind is read already very long. Many know about it enjoy it and keep quit about it and about the technology which enables this. I think this also because such incidences like the following I have quite often.

I had a talk to an American soldier in a cafe in Nong Khai some months ago in Thailand. After a while this soldier said to me: ' You should engage in politics about your views in morality.'
I had never spoken to this soldier about such views. Why did he say this. Was it knowledge from MC? In my mind I had at that time some talks about this.

Monday, December 11, 2006

This day I stepped up shielding again.
Voices said 'we now have to prevent that you have one night good sleep'. And so it was.
Two days I did not have sexual harassment during sleep but today again. But I know my shielding is not yet complete.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The game I had already sometimes was repeated. I stepped up shielding had one night good sleep and the next time a lot of trouble again.
The attacks are heavier than before I went to Malaysia. But stress with Thais has been higher several times when I came from suppressive Malaysia. Thais seem to adapt down morality to the lower level of Malaysia. I had times also when there was no or little harassment in Thailand.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I have to admit that I hear voices and with longtime experiencing this I have learned some about this. Also that they have to do with my history and that Ioften think somebody is currently doing MC on me when it is actually a voice of my past. I have noticed this quite some times now.
It is not being delusional as the voices come out of my subconsciousness without relating to any context at that time and are dominant from time to time. This dominance appears for instance then then when some electrical applications are close to me. With some experience in hearing voices I understand more where they are from and belong to. From the beginning I refused what doctors think about this topic. After some time I found an organisation for dealing with voices where voicehearers but also specialists are involved. Their approach to voices is different to what mainstream medicine offers but I am sure it is more suitable to the topic. Western medicine has its hypothesis about this and treats according to this. But they do not really know. They just pretend to be specialists and want to treat you.

That I write this does not mean I am not a target of covert warfare. The incidents of this are numerous. But I may estimate the one or other occurrence wrong. But when I see the errors of science and the disasters politics often produce I take for me the right to assess things wrong repeatedly or even often and do not accept being labeled delusional and no more taken serious.
But I need support for this attitude from the people. It is a human way to deal with voices and much better than that what the mainstream offers.
Today afternoon I laid down on my bed and wanted rest for some minute before going ahead with my plans. But I got to sleep and was woken up some hours later by painful sexual arousal.
This going to sleep and waking up is produced by any external forces to get some control of my timetable. Though sometimes I certainly go to sleep because I am tired.

Another trial to make me a social democrat is giving me a lot of pain with massive stimulation of sexual abuse like two days ago and saying it will go on as long you don't adapt. This I had quite often also some years ago.
When pain is a severe and life is difficult voices will appear and advise me to become a social democrat.

An argumentation some days ago was
"you can be interested in natural medicine and be a social democrat."
To think about this is not an option for me at all.
But then there is a picture in which they present themselves as they have everything they are everything. The radiation is like this.
When you are not aware of how they are presenting themselves you may believe that they are this and not be able to define yourself otherwise and independently. You then and tend to follow their concepts.
The brown horror in Germany seems to have changed to red horror.
It is not the same as I would be dead in Nazigermany but the forror makes my life miserable and the brainwashing which is tried is nearly comparable to murdering a person, isn't it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I changed the guesthouse in Bangkok but noticed that in the afternoon opposite my room again 3 or 4 people have checked in so this was the same as before.

I went to Nong Khai and was slept some hours in the afternoon and was agaion woken up by stimulation of abusing sex. I heard the guesthouse owner speaking.
The next day I again I was woken up by massive sexual stimulation of abusing sex,the guesthouse owner again I could hear speaking.
The voices say they don' t want me to go out of my abuse beause the mainstream has no offers in this area and they want to understand what I do and to be the first who do this.

If someone knows something please tell me this harassment is a big burden on my life.

Friday, December 01, 2006

How all began

I lived in summer 1995 on the first floor on the right when you look from the street in Arheiliger Strasse 23 in Darmstadt Germany.
I had already perceived that people where observing me for some time. Then in one night I woke up in the middle of the night had some pain in the chest and could no more go to sleep for some time. This repeated now very often and once I heared a voice "the system does not carry you". As far as I remember it belongs to the first messages I got to hear from anywhere.
I found out after some time that the man living below me was probably waking me up in the night with psychic attacks. It happened always at about the same time at about half past two.
that was the time he also was up. He had a job in the night.
There was also other hidden harasment I did not exactly idendify.
In one talk to a person of the Turkish family which was living beside me said about this 'we had this also but we are too many he could not achieve anything. For you it is difficult, you are alone.

After some months I left the flat and slept some nights in the forest to escape harassment.
I once woke up and my head was feeling strange . I scratched a little there were new scars. I did not think it over because I had not yet any knowledge about covert warfare.

The next time I slept in a car which I had bought and gave up the flat.
In the car I often experienced that I woke up in pain and some people around the car were just leaving.
I was unemployed and so ate in a restaurant where cheap meals were offered for poorer people.
In front of the reataurant there was always standing a car with two man inside. A junky who also ate there told me that this would be police in plain clothes.
Some time later I thought who might this be doing to me. The secret service?
Then I heard a voice. 'No, it is not the secret service. you are not important'
One or a few days later I passed the car with the policemen sitting inside. Sudenly one of the two man said.
'Mr Weinand, you are not important.'
I was baffled and went on. I got frightened and depressed about the fact that the police was inside this terror.
How to get out of this when police is inside.
But not only police. My encounters with people often showed signs that they may be anyhow connected to my harassment and surveillance and I did not know a proper response to the horror at that time. Some I have learned but I am not able to escape the horror up to now.
I had all nights again stimulation of abusing sex. The additional bad part of this is that then others also more often jump on this sore point and stimulate so that it is no more only organized harassment. So abusing sex gets reprogrammed and enhanced it is a lot of additional suffering and stress for me and it gets much more difficult to get away from it.

There are also voices why I would not follow the" social democrats (German SPD, political party)" why could this be a problem they would be doing a policy of the middle way.
I do not know where they come from. But technology may be available to transmit voices.
I haven't the article available but I read that It would be possible to transmit sound by beams so that only the people within the beam could hear them. (ultrasound)

I fear that such articles will be removed or have been removed from the Internet by governments and will be no more obtainable out of greed to go on abusing this technology.

That they are to my estimation using covert warfare to press me to work for the SPD unveils to me that they are an extremist terror organisation. They can do this because I cannot prove anything and not yet really protect myself against the attacks. It would be nice if this would get easier in future.
But equipment and tests to find out are costly so that the poor are delivered more or less to this torture. Such are social democrats that they use new technology and organized harassment to try to make ordinary and poor people dependant from them when I assess things right.

In Bangkok I slept during the day and had stimulation of sex with violence.
But the people aside me where staying the whole day inside their rooms and could easily recognize what is going on in my room.
The same I had the last time when I was staying in this guesthouse People in the room beside me remained the whole day inside and so where able to observe my room always and listen to voices from there.

Once or twice I noticed this week again people in front of my door when I woke up. They may have been involved. in psychic attacks.

It would be great when someone could give me hints which could help me ahead in this case.

Or is the the greed of the advantage and the fun with this torture for most people too big so that humanity and human rights will stay a farce?