Friday, December 08, 2006

I have to admit that I hear voices and with longtime experiencing this I have learned some about this. Also that they have to do with my history and that Ioften think somebody is currently doing MC on me when it is actually a voice of my past. I have noticed this quite some times now.
It is not being delusional as the voices come out of my subconsciousness without relating to any context at that time and are dominant from time to time. This dominance appears for instance then then when some electrical applications are close to me. With some experience in hearing voices I understand more where they are from and belong to. From the beginning I refused what doctors think about this topic. After some time I found an organisation for dealing with voices where voicehearers but also specialists are involved. Their approach to voices is different to what mainstream medicine offers but I am sure it is more suitable to the topic. Western medicine has its hypothesis about this and treats according to this. But they do not really know. They just pretend to be specialists and want to treat you.

That I write this does not mean I am not a target of covert warfare. The incidents of this are numerous. But I may estimate the one or other occurrence wrong. But when I see the errors of science and the disasters politics often produce I take for me the right to assess things wrong repeatedly or even often and do not accept being labeled delusional and no more taken serious.
But I need support for this attitude from the people. It is a human way to deal with voices and much better than that what the mainstream offers.

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