Sunday, December 24, 2006

I had severe sexual harassment when I slept last. It was also announced before by voices.
Several times before I had experienced this amount of shielding I had put up as sufficient to block sexual harassment. It worked also there where I stay now for one day.
But now it was horrible.
The last weeks I am staying in Thailand I had much more and harder sexual harassment than in Malaysia before except in the Indian area in Penang. The voices say they want me to stay in Malaysia and may be the harassment has been put up to destroy the positive image I have from Thailand. Except in the meditation wat in Nong Khai and in Ban Khok Thailand has been a better place for me than Malaysia.
I understand now that human rights are not valid nowadays. When you cannot defend them you don't have them. There seem people to know about this harassment and keep quiet or support it.

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