Friday, December 08, 2006

Today afternoon I laid down on my bed and wanted rest for some minute before going ahead with my plans. But I got to sleep and was woken up some hours later by painful sexual arousal.
This going to sleep and waking up is produced by any external forces to get some control of my timetable. Though sometimes I certainly go to sleep because I am tired.

Another trial to make me a social democrat is giving me a lot of pain with massive stimulation of sexual abuse like two days ago and saying it will go on as long you don't adapt. This I had quite often also some years ago.
When pain is a severe and life is difficult voices will appear and advise me to become a social democrat.

An argumentation some days ago was
"you can be interested in natural medicine and be a social democrat."
To think about this is not an option for me at all.
But then there is a picture in which they present themselves as they have everything they are everything. The radiation is like this.
When you are not aware of how they are presenting themselves you may believe that they are this and not be able to define yourself otherwise and independently. You then and tend to follow their concepts.
The brown horror in Germany seems to have changed to red horror.
It is not the same as I would be dead in Nazigermany but the forror makes my life miserable and the brainwashing which is tried is nearly comparable to murdering a person, isn't it.

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