Friday, December 15, 2006

Yesterday I had voices that I would overcome what would be seen as decay with learning of special mental abilities. I had discovered that I could alleviate my forgetfulness I have since childhood by doing this.
The voices also said we have long tried to brush aside your problem of electrosensibility but it seems to be a speciality of you to put it as long in the foreground until the last one has to recognize it. I have spent hours with shielding and adapting my room to be able to sleep last night.

Today I had an Email from with offers of several books.
The first was about learning technique the second one about electrosmog.

Did this coincidence happen by accident or something else?

I may construct relationships in my mind but it is also possible or what I think it that my mind is read already very long. Many know about it enjoy it and keep quit about it and about the technology which enables this. I think this also because such incidences like the following I have quite often.

I had a talk to an American soldier in a cafe in Nong Khai some months ago in Thailand. After a while this soldier said to me: ' You should engage in politics about your views in morality.'
I had never spoken to this soldier about such views. Why did he say this. Was it knowledge from MC? In my mind I had at that time some talks about this.

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