Sunday, December 24, 2006

The sequel of the post from 15.12.2006

Some years ago I met on the bus to Cambodia a man who said he would be a former FBI agent.
He also seemed to know me as he started our first conversation with such questions with why I would not be taking drugs or not trying to get rich. He could not know about me at that time on a legal basis.
We met sometimes when I came to Trat where he stayed.

In short some of the conversations I had with the former FBI agent.

I said that I think that the FBI confims the use of MC against people for instance to bring people on the right way.
He nodded.
My comment to this this is robbery of freedom. There is no right way.
On the question on how to escape MC he answered:

'That is nearly impossible as most governments around the world love to use MC weapons.'

MC and gangstalking from Thais is used in Thailand against me for a longer time now.
I should go to Germany. I have no proof who the responsibly people in Thailand for this are.
When I first mentioned in a internetgroup that Thailand uses MC I had helicopters crossing over me in a meditation temple in Nong Khai in 2005.
Helicopters only were once over the temple exactly one day after I sent this message.
In Thailand there are probably not many who are able to use helicopters.
I can't tell the exact day as I am thrown out of this group where I sent it to.
See last message.

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