Friday, December 01, 2006

How all began

I lived in summer 1995 on the first floor on the right when you look from the street in Arheiliger Strasse 23 in Darmstadt Germany.
I had already perceived that people where observing me for some time. Then in one night I woke up in the middle of the night had some pain in the chest and could no more go to sleep for some time. This repeated now very often and once I heared a voice "the system does not carry you". As far as I remember it belongs to the first messages I got to hear from anywhere.
I found out after some time that the man living below me was probably waking me up in the night with psychic attacks. It happened always at about the same time at about half past two.
that was the time he also was up. He had a job in the night.
There was also other hidden harasment I did not exactly idendify.
In one talk to a person of the Turkish family which was living beside me said about this 'we had this also but we are too many he could not achieve anything. For you it is difficult, you are alone.

After some months I left the flat and slept some nights in the forest to escape harassment.
I once woke up and my head was feeling strange . I scratched a little there were new scars. I did not think it over because I had not yet any knowledge about covert warfare.

The next time I slept in a car which I had bought and gave up the flat.
In the car I often experienced that I woke up in pain and some people around the car were just leaving.
I was unemployed and so ate in a restaurant where cheap meals were offered for poorer people.
In front of the reataurant there was always standing a car with two man inside. A junky who also ate there told me that this would be police in plain clothes.
Some time later I thought who might this be doing to me. The secret service?
Then I heard a voice. 'No, it is not the secret service. you are not important'
One or a few days later I passed the car with the policemen sitting inside. Sudenly one of the two man said.
'Mr Weinand, you are not important.'
I was baffled and went on. I got frightened and depressed about the fact that the police was inside this terror.
How to get out of this when police is inside.
But not only police. My encounters with people often showed signs that they may be anyhow connected to my harassment and surveillance and I did not know a proper response to the horror at that time. Some I have learned but I am not able to escape the horror up to now.

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