Friday, December 01, 2006

I had all nights again stimulation of abusing sex. The additional bad part of this is that then others also more often jump on this sore point and stimulate so that it is no more only organized harassment. So abusing sex gets reprogrammed and enhanced it is a lot of additional suffering and stress for me and it gets much more difficult to get away from it.

There are also voices why I would not follow the" social democrats (German SPD, political party)" why could this be a problem they would be doing a policy of the middle way.
I do not know where they come from. But technology may be available to transmit voices.
I haven't the article available but I read that It would be possible to transmit sound by beams so that only the people within the beam could hear them. (ultrasound)

I fear that such articles will be removed or have been removed from the Internet by governments and will be no more obtainable out of greed to go on abusing this technology.

That they are to my estimation using covert warfare to press me to work for the SPD unveils to me that they are an extremist terror organisation. They can do this because I cannot prove anything and not yet really protect myself against the attacks. It would be nice if this would get easier in future.
But equipment and tests to find out are costly so that the poor are delivered more or less to this torture. Such are social democrats that they use new technology and organized harassment to try to make ordinary and poor people dependant from them when I assess things right.

In Bangkok I slept during the day and had stimulation of sex with violence.
But the people aside me where staying the whole day inside their rooms and could easily recognize what is going on in my room.
The same I had the last time when I was staying in this guesthouse People in the room beside me remained the whole day inside and so where able to observe my room always and listen to voices from there.

Once or twice I noticed this week again people in front of my door when I woke up. They may have been involved. in psychic attacks.

It would be great when someone could give me hints which could help me ahead in this case.

Or is the the greed of the advantage and the fun with this torture for most people too big so that humanity and human rights will stay a farce?

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