Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had again sexual stimulation in the morning. when I came to the lounge of Hotel Cathey in Had Yai where I stay most people there were doing psychic attacks towards me in Hotel Cathey in Had Yai.
In a bus teenagers did psychic attacks later, in a Internetcafe even teenagers got behind me and did psychic attacks towards abusing sex.

Too many Thais love sexual abuse. A rather disgusting feature of Thai culture and a significant difference to Malay culture. Thais have fun with sexual abuse.Malays rather like mistreating people to get them small this may include sexual abuse. So not everywhere is all the same. There are remarkable differences in cultures like this I just mentioned. You certainly cannot generalize this statements I would rather say it is about trends.

The heavy attacks I had are designed to destroy achievements I made to get distance from sexual abuse.

THE VOICES INSIST TO GET ME TO STAY AT ABUSING SEX AND NOT DEVELOPPING OUT OF IT. It estimate also that this is wanted so in Thailand.

To my estimation at least a certain number of Thais supports surveillance on me.
Thais, what to support my human rights and no more do this? Leave me alone and no more report where I go where I am what I do as this enables me to escape torture from time to time and feel more like an human being.
This would be helpful for me or are you that greedy with my abuse that you won't do that? We will see.

In America at least in some institutions people have decided no more to answer to FBI's questions about where certain people are.

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