Sunday, November 19, 2006

One day after I had returned to Teluk BahangI went in the Internetcafe Spiderweb in Georgetown. This day not a woman was doing service there it was a young man probbly her son. I had very quickly psychic attacks and assumed them coming from the young man doing service and the other young man sitting beside him. After a while I stood up and was able after a short time to know where they probably came from. It was the young man who did service there the other young man had left by then. I started to talk with him about this topic but he refused to understand and just said I should have checked my head. i was angry about that and said that I don't have to go there and finished my surfing. After I had payed for Internetserice the man took a baseball club and threated me with this I quickly left the room and kept distance. He said I should be careful when I would be in Georgetown in the evening or I would be beaten up by them. He did not come towards me to attack me, he had to mind the Internetcafe.

I had already people going behind me after I speaking about psychic attacks. And I had people pooring oil over me from a motorbike running past me in the street..And I had people attacking me after I complaint there about something
A person from Penang said after I asked if foreigners are beaten up in Penang with "yes"

Welcome to Penang. Yes you are welcome. The residents will have fun with you on their way.

To deal with vulnerabilities like this is nazistyle. It leaves the vulnerablse no chance and they get in danger when they resist being hurt and discriminated. I also know that frequent attacks may damage me after some time.
I had also in Thailand a similar experience some years ago.

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