Wednesday, November 15, 2006

After I returned to Teluk Bahang from KL (Kuala Lumpur) something had changed. But it may also have to do with having being hurt in KL and now being more sensitive.
I had a lot of mind games then laid in bed the whole day. I spoke with an Englishman about this. Then I heard a voice. "The whole day in bed that is not acceptable."
The next day I was able to get up in the morning but there had been a lot of programming druing sleep. A few days I left Teluk Bahang after having had a lot of stress with mind games, which I did not have the days there before I went to KL.
In Georgetown then I had programming one night I should become a policeman.I still have some of the picture in my mind which is a smiling policeman beside me as a comrade. I never intended to become a policeman. So I think the picture di not come into consciousness from my history. Such programming is stressful often painful and burns at least some of the resources of a day. Additionally there is often confusion for some time and to remove such programming takes hours again.
Appearing crimes in modern times or was it possible in the past also?

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