Monday, November 27, 2006

I wrote the message before last in the morning and went to bed after. When I woke up I was stressed out. Massive sexual stimulation had taken place.I will need some time to deal with what happened like so often since I am under harassment.

The next night the floor of the guesthouse was empty. Has my blog been read?. However in the morning I heard steps on the floor walking around.I thought it might be a perp.Three hours later I was woken up by sexual arousal and pain in the chest. I heard also steps then walking away. Exactly this I have had many times also already in Germany where the terror started more than 11 years ago. After I had left my flat and slept in a car I woke often up with the same symptoms and saw one or several people just leaving. The symptoms I always have are produced by the attacker's mind. I can also some of such stuff. When I for instance see a girl sitting 10 m from me looking in another direction and then think of having sex with her this girl will recognize something and react.On this way you can unfortunately also transmit painful feelings. There are also books available who deal with this topic.This possibilities are used by harassment groups. I call this psychic attacks.
When I spoke to people from Europe or America about this topic they usually did not understand what I was talking about. Only very few admitted knowing and doing such things. That means it is mainstream standard to use psychic attacks as harassment methods and the same time the existance of such things is not even admitted, though there are also people who really do not know this way of communicatin. Acting like this belongs to the strength of the mainstream.
When I spoke to Thais it was often possible to stop them from doing such attacks. The knowledge about such things is more spread. And Thais are altogether (still?) more honest than westerners but unfortunately a certain number also enjoy being in my MC and doing or tolerating gangstalking towards me.

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