Sunday, November 12, 2006

I was some time in Malaysia. And also in Kuala Lumpur for some days.
I slept in a dorm together with the 36 year old skinny australian traveller Frank Thompson. He pretended to be an artist and showed me his drawings. But I thought a pupil of secondary schol can do that.
The first days conversation vith him was okay.
The forth day I noticed when I went to my locker that the key of my additional lock was inside.
I opened both locks and looked inside the locker but nothing seemed to be removed. I put another padlock infront the loker which I had inside of it.
But I missed already the second key for it.
The next morning I was woken up by abusing sexual arousal and noticed that the key of this lock was lying beside me on the mattress.
Frank turned around in his bed and grinned.
I went down to check if anything was removed from my locker, but all seemed to be there. I went back to the dorm and now found the second key on the mattress. I did not carry this key with me before and in the evening.
I would have noticed it when it would have been on my bed. So I have to assume that Frank put him there also because he was the only one who could enter the dorm aside from the staff.
I asume that he but also others were involved in more. That I found the first key out of my pocket in the morning, that I was woken up by abusing sexual attacks.
They could only get the second key I found on my bed by opening the second lock at my locker. I had a key and the staff. So it may have been involved.
I was angry about what happened and unfriendly to Frank. I left the room and heared then "Randolf" I opened the door and said "yes". "Frank said 'It is only in your head".
Even when I misinterpreted some voice coming from elsewhere would anybody have said "it is just in your head" when this happens or wouldn't you rather say "No, I did not say anything" or "No I did not call you" than just" it is all in your head. " I have not told him much about myself so normally he only could have played such games when he is involved in illegal surveillance towards me.

Alltogether what happened to me seems to be created to instill a sense of beeing crazy in me.

This is called "gaslightening" according to Mukazo Mukazo Vundo in his latest book:

Coherent Madness: Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare

You can download the PDF version of this book for free on:

The more detailed paper version is out of print. Is it because the mainstream is able to make
pressure to avoid to get this more detailed information spread and does not want censore too open and so lets the PDF version untouched?

For me are such events which are probably due to organized gangs painful and stressful and because terror is quite often is is a big burden in my life.

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