Sunday, November 26, 2006

The last days I wrote messages for my blog but once I had a hang had to restart and the message was lost. Once the computer restartet itself, the message was lost. Then I had a texteditor with autosave. It had to close and I could not recover the message.
Then I stored my message on the web a site for notetaking

The site with an additional name I have choosen is not accessible now as I wanted to furhter edit my message.

Some month before I was collecting messages for a blog or website on a voicerecorder which I always had with me carrying in a shoulderbag.
There were more than hundred voice recordingsrelated to MC on it already. When I last was in Vientianne I rent a bicycle put the bag in the front basket. It was stolen during my trip. A motorbike passed by and the man on the back just took it out my basket.

I think there may be the one or other thing have to do with my stalking and MC.
(International Mainstream Corruption Standards you have in many places in the world). Voices were also against blogging.

I edited a message with the beginning of the harassment in Germany and I mentioned also the man who I perceive as the first to do it. I heard a voice then I do not know from where it came "you destroy him with this."

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