Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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No man is free who is not a master of himself.

When you are not a master of yourself you need the chance to become a master. To go that way you need your human rights and not dependency.
The weaker you are the more you need them because the more get greedy to make profit out of a possible dependency with you.
No one enslaves you to make you a master of yourself. He does it for his own profit and rather keeps you in dependency than lets you out of it.

No man is free who is not a master of himself

That cannot mean that it is right to enslave for instance disabled people or the elderly who are weak or those with few education. It can only mean that then there is a danger of not being free but there must be chances to escape.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today I sent 6 messages as a fax from my google mail concerning MC. None of them contained text when it received the provider. Some other trials to send a fax failed also.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eduard Griffin and Mike Adams, what about speaking out about the silent holocaust (electronic harassment and MC) ?
You seem to know about it.

Being quiet about this makes you guilty.

I saw an Indian ad "retiring with self respect". Can you do this without any problems and participate in the silent holocaust? There is guilt to stay quiet about this abuses and silently enjoy the benefit.

I address this to all who are inside the MC abuses or know.
When there is an car accident in Germany and you see it and don't help when needed you commit a crime.
When you recognize crimes and silently enjoy the abuses instead of helping you commit a crime.
What about helping against MC and electronic harassment. At least the smallest thing you are willing to do?
But many of you are probably of that sort of being criminal as long you are not caught, or what? Low level characters prone to corruption and abuses and as such not suitable for positions with responsibility. (American Standard) I have met quiete some Americans who are inside and enjoy to be quiet about it so I think the term is proper, apart from the things I see in their society which justify to use the it.
What about helping against electronic harassment and MC? At least the smallest thing you are willing to do?

Friday, August 10, 2007

The sexual harassment last time in Surat was hard. My perception relating to different things makes me believe that Thais are with this playing games on me to force behavior change. Well absolute sure I am not.

Joke of the month: The Thais are friendly people.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. A good joke isn't it, with respect to the above mentioned.

They certainly have friendly people , but when Thais allow such things to happen, they are not. They only have a bunch of friendly people. I am quiete sure that a bigger number of people know about my surveillance, my MC in Thailand.
You are no fiendly people when you look for reasons to justify such things, when you support such things. You are no nice people, you have only nice people.
To justify being called friendly as a whole you cannot do and not support or tolerate the unhuman things the disgusting people (Americans, Germans for instance) like to do. Being friendly, being nice means that you go not along with this, that you are not quiet about this, what you are. Being nice means also that you keep your human dirt from doing this.

Being nice means not only to be friendly to the successful, rich, young and beautiful, to these people also most disgusting people are mostly friendly, it means to be friendly or at least fair to the old, the ugly, the poor, the problematic cases and the cripples. mentally or bodily.
Those who don't fit the mould shouldn't become a target because of this as well.

And friendliness should not only be to the face. That you are. But there is already for longer time support for hidden harassment on me.

You certainly can say there are some criminals who are doing this. But I am relatively sure that the Thai government like other governments are also inside my MC. Further I have often met Thais who seem to know.

So come back to being friendly people. I think many Thais and westerners as well do not know about the possibilites of electronic harassment and surveillance also not about gang stalking which is organised all over Thailand and can attack any target within a short time.

Well, those who are interested in Thais being called nice people and are able to move something should try to get talks and reports about this possible terror in the public which is also present in many other countries all over the world. Such public talks must happen repeatedly over longer time so that all have the necessary information to protect themselves. Their should be measurement troups availabale in every city which are equipped and educated to find perps doing electronic harassment. People who are caught should pay for 5 operations of such measurement troups. Police should be educated how to deal with such crimes where they are not yet that far. There could be done more people with knowledge know.

A good deal of the technology is kept secret in western countries with the excuse it would belong to national security.
Information which is kept secret but used or only suspicious to be used to perform abused on people has lost its right to be kept secret. Anyone who speaks out then should be free from threats to get punished because of revealing secret information. I hope judges will rule in future like this.

Thais, what about making this crimes public and stopping them, finishing support for them. If most people are for this but the government refuses, you should reject the constitution about which is a poll soon.

If the government should refuses to speak publicly about electronic harassment and manipulation by this means refuse the constitution!!!
Anyone can become a target of such terror which can destroy lifes!!!
As long as such terror is possible there cannot be any democracy.!!!
Dissidents can always removed or silenced by these means and nobody even knows it.
Don't agree to any constitution before this topic is not resolved.
Further you need control over the abusive potential of emerging technology in future. This must be ensured by a special commitee, the government has no control about or other means.

I do not know if the Thais like to unveil this. Maybe they prefer American Standards.
These like boosting about democracy, blaming other countries for not having a democracy and are not having a real one themselves.

Maybe Thais like to be called nice people but want to keep up the possibilities to be a bastard just when they like and not be caught with this.
Electronic harassment technology enables this.

What about being nice people, real nice people Thais?
What about being real nice people Thais??
Disgusting ones there are already enough.

Then you have to take away the dangerous toys
which enable electronic harassment
and get to know to remove or control the government's gang stalking system.

We will see what sort Thais really are. Maybe they try a sellout. We'll see it.
And I will talk about it if I won't be hindered.

I want to make it clear , that I address Thais about this problem means that I see them as interesting people to talk to. With Europeans or Americans such talks mostly make no sense. They are already too much mainstreamdisturbed.(A new mental disorder)

copied from

the blog of Mukazo Mukazo Vunda
the African writer of several books

Consciousness itself, as well as natural emotions become a threat to the order. Knowledge and its acquisition which is the method of transmitting high culture becomes fatal if taken in either the wrong dosages, quality or at the wrong time and place. The mere thought of individual freedoms causes fear and panic to those in authority. Hidden figures in authority who are there to see to the welfare of their people, those supposed to serve, end up commanding armies of individuals whose role is to put people in line, doing to others as they wouldn't like to be done to them, all in the name of country and even race, this premise itself too weak to exonerate the depravity involved, or hide the fact this is a descent into madness in progress.
I agree that this happens - the hidden agenda of mainstreampolitics is to enslave the people when they do it and the above described is a part of how to do it in a parliamentary democracy.

The social democrats (SPD) in Germany have this agenda. When you understand their lying, tricking and what they are doing you get to know this. I have mentioned earlier in a post that the SPD wants to force the people in subsystems of society which they control and manage. Only people they agree with get along well. Others, like such who are opposition are endangered to get such trouble Mukazo, many others and I face. And the terror probably has the aim to make you to the person which is desired by the ruling, which then can then more easily be used by them.
People who are different have no more a chance. This is progress in a western society. Only special breedings which the ruling agree with go through. For this this means of hidden terror is probably used. This terror only those get who cannot be catched by other means. (mainstream media brainwashing, arguments, persuasion etc) will probably be used earlier to reduce people to a obeying member of the cattle.

The silent holocaust
I had now heavy harassment in Surat Thani at a place where I had not such heavy things before. It is he same like in Had Yai where I could stay without shielding. Now also shielding is not sufficient.
The heaven is closed to those who silently ignore, tolerate or enjoy abuses and would like others to be exploited to do the work to prevent totalitarianism (American style global rule). A lot of People must prevent this not any victims or heros.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I stayed some days in Had Yai and had massive attacks. I could stay at the same place some time before without shielding without bigger problems but now even quite some shielding was not enough. Voices also had announced before that there would be harassment in Had Yai. In Surat Thani where I am now it would be the same. Later they said. We will destroy this place being okay for you later not now.
We ll see. I was received with voices also in the guesthouse where I stay now.
I discovered few days ago that there is massive programming to accept the Malay system and to reject Thailand. I just came from Malaysia and had stronger programming and harassment there. That 's what happens to tourists like me in Malaysia and Thailand. There must be in both countries support from residents for what happened.