Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eduard Griffin and Mike Adams, what about speaking out about the silent holocaust (electronic harassment and MC) ?
You seem to know about it.

Being quiet about this makes you guilty.

I saw an Indian ad "retiring with self respect". Can you do this without any problems and participate in the silent holocaust? There is guilt to stay quiet about this abuses and silently enjoy the benefit.

I address this to all who are inside the MC abuses or know.
When there is an car accident in Germany and you see it and don't help when needed you commit a crime.
When you recognize crimes and silently enjoy the abuses instead of helping you commit a crime.
What about helping against MC and electronic harassment. At least the smallest thing you are willing to do?
But many of you are probably of that sort of being criminal as long you are not caught, or what? Low level characters prone to corruption and abuses and as such not suitable for positions with responsibility. (American Standard) I have met quiete some Americans who are inside and enjoy to be quiet about it so I think the term is proper, apart from the things I see in their society which justify to use the it.
What about helping against electronic harassment and MC? At least the smallest thing you are willing to do?

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