Sunday, April 16, 2017

The last 3 days I had no stronger harassment. Yesterday I had
signs of recovering. But stimulation of abusing sex is still

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I had sexual harassment again. I had stronger pain today.
Programming kept me lartgely from doing what I want.
Though I explained what I do and why. This is anyway a
mistake to explain myself also in Thailand. No good.
Just get back on track and get past disturbers.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I had again stimulation of abusing sex. Voices announced so.
Before a talk about health. Psychiatry is no good I think or
better I know.
I described my alternative. Voices accepted.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I do not that easily speak about sex publicly.
At least sometimes. The stimulation of abusing
sex yesterday was gay stimulation. Today I had
stimulation of abusing sex again. It is also
programming of accepting abusing sex.
It affects my eyes heavily. I cannot read some
stuff anymore.

Monday, April 10, 2017

I had heavv stimulation of abusing sex into sleep.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Ich wachte vorgestern mit staerkeren Schmerzen auf.
Im Nachbarzimmer war eine Person aktive.
Ich bemerkte auch Manipulation am Geist.
Aus dem was ich mitbekam koennte es sein das ein
tragbares Geraet fuer die Schikanen benutzt wurde.

Gestern hatte ich Stimulation von missbraeuchlichem
Sex. Ich denke das dies Menschen in der Naehe waren.

Friday, April 07, 2017

I had stimulation of abusing sex this morning. Such may
bring me in emotional trouble later during the day.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

I had sexual harassment twice this night. Forgetfulness
comes back. Forgetting essential things.
But there is also programming to make me fortot things.
I use a timer sometimes not to forget things but I now
repeatedly forgot the times.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

This time asleep harassment was even worse than the day before.
Such harassment makes sick.

Monday, April 03, 2017

This night and in the morning I had sexual harassment.
I am already exhausted in the morning.
The people in the neighboring room have been doing it
twice but there was also another it.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

I had again heavy sexual harassment this morning into sleep.
Yesterday it was announced by voices that I would have
my power back now. At least today it is like this.
Despite the heavy sexual harassment I can go on doing.
My passivity which I had a long time now is not only
my issue, my weakness. I blamed myself put myself down
for being passive but this important external factor I did
not even know.
For years I wanted to put my flat into good order when I
was there. T tried many times to work on it but ended up
doing only a little. I could not do it. voices said they wanted
to put me in a home for disabled. They were against this
purpose and boycotted it.They were able to do this.
The second purpose was to prevent me
from moving to a nice place at the beach.
Influence is partly that strong that I cannot resist.
They mess with my memory intendedly.
I will write a story about this.

A few days I had a talk in my head about western medicine:
The fantastic western high performance western medicine
High performance western medicine? They cannot
even heal a sniff or a cough. At least one of them.
When you look up common diseases you find they can only
relief of symptoms. This is not a high performance medicine
this is rather a scam.
I sent an article to my brother which included treatment options
for cancer prooven helpful but not supported.
It was written that pharmaceutical industry was going for
money and preventing helpful treaments for getting known.
I thought industry alone does not have the power to put such
through. Proper politics a proper working FDA would prevent
such. But the FDA is corrupt for decades and politicians
supporting such. Suspicion fell on my head on Hillary Clinton
who supports GMOs, The weedkiller of monsanto is
I heard Ted Cruz, the candidate who placed second
in the fight to become presidential candidate of the
republicans talking positive about medicine which I see corrupt.
Donald Trump is pro natural medicine! This offers some hope.
I think he has the duty to clear up the mess at the FDA and then
include changes in a reform of health-insurance.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

I had the last time all times asleep sexual harassment.
Today I did not have it but ran into stress through my
allergies.. It started after I did not accept having no
privacy from Thais but this is not necessary the point
why it happened. Some beautiful girls I saw sometimes
looking at me. I related them to MC probably knowing
more about me than they should. Today a girl saw me
then demonstratively turned away. I did not know the girl.
I can[t stand having no privacy. It stops me talking
online about me. I do not like thinking because all is observed
stolen or commented, on messed with.
I feel depressed have no drive to do much.
It has to do that my personality is tried to be
realigned with different values and different
way of doing things.
I have memory problems concentration problems.
I should meditate more.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Insider Reveals How DARPA Will Control Our Minds: "If Even 20% Of This Is True..."

I am a target or victim of Mind Control technology for
nearly 22 years now..
Grossly said it starts with harassment to take out the 
power of a person and then they program you the way
they like you. It may happen during sleep, through talks
which are information you take in, or else.

I consider the political system of the US or other western
countries as  weak or inferior. It usually ends up with
 two parties democrats and republicans controlling power
and their mindset controlling the society and suppressing
everything else. This is a danger fro the future of mankind.
But with this weapons these two parties make their political
control of the country or\probably better most of the world

I personally have been programmed to a democrat for a 
long time. I manage to deprogram this partly.
After I supported Trump in the last election I now notice 
been programmed to a conservative with an affection to
I am personally interested in Anarchism. But it is in all
areas tried to make me mainstream.
I noticed in Germany another person leaning towards
Anarchism been programmed to a democrat as I estimate it.
18 years ago I recognized an American being in my 
mind control. He admitted and said he was too weak to 
resist. He was as a pleasant person who I also
estimate not being accepted by American mainstream.
The voice or voices which bother me also say they are forced
to do this on this way the terrorist grid expands.
American is now already and will be always a total dictatorship
of the mainstream. Who is there who can challenge the power
of this two parties gone mad with power. A single person
is not able to achieve much. And organisations never can get
big with the two parties in power.

It was like this that Internet connection was
interrupted as I was writing this post and I
could not save the message. So I stored the
message on the computer in the Internet cafe
I was working with told them to leave it
untouched. I went to get an usb stick.
But when I came back and I wanted to start
the screen of the computer the computershut
down. this means in an Internet cafe usually
that everything gets deleted.  I thought I try
and tried to switch on the computer again.
But it did no more. I have to assume that in
this cafe people are working against me
supporting the harassment against me.
I had such also in Malaysia.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The last weeks I had some days no harassment
and often harassment which was not that
strong. I could be active. Some weeks ago
in Had Yai I had the last time harassment
which kept me in bed for at least a part of the
day. Today sexual harassment was stronger
and I feel pressed down. But I am still active.
When the harassment gets even stronger I
possibly can't remain active.
Through the weaker harassment my mind has
recovered. I see it as the main reason
supplements second. I had for longer time
alzheimer's symptoms like forgetfulness
and also the mind working worse than before.

Friday, March 17, 2017

I had the last days up to yesterday massive programming
to a gay. It also included stimulation of abusing sex.
Today I am happy not to have had such.
Last night I had a talk with the voices which I think are
not my own. I said there is a lot of energy lost alone from
stimulation of abusing sex and because of mt head injury.
So it is now and it was sometimes  as a teenager that the brain is
working bad. It does not take in and does not process that good.
That has to do with lacking energy for instance due the above
mentioned, But there must be a huge lack to make this happen.
It is a bit like  in school after a long day in the last  hour I often
was simply tired and could not participate often. This lack of
energy even stronger creates problems. This is intended by the

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Impending Danger: Today’s “Super-Fuzed”, Super-Powerful US Thermonuclear Weapons Directed against Russia. “How is This Going to End?” (Putin)

How is this going to end?
I think America will do everything to subdue all countries on this
planet! They are mad with it. They are mad with it!
The weapons of the US will be used for this purpose. How cruel
they will be I do not know. But their huge weapons arsenal is for this

When we want freedom which means also freedom from American 
domination everybody  on this planet outside of America must learn
and get mad about and support it/

Freedom from American domination needs to be addressed globally.
People should get together for this.

There are other possible upcoming threats like the Chinese one.
It should be addressed separately. Such a forum or else could address
global security problems. It must not be controlled by America.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ich hatte die letzten drei Tage wieder Stimulation von
missbraeuchlichem Sex im Schlaf und auch
moeglicherweise Programmierung in meine Traeume.
Leute in meiner Naehe sind wahrscheinlich dafuer

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Judge: Investigation Into Obama Spying on Trump Would Reveal Mass Surveillance of All Americans


How about Mind Control technologies which can
be used to kill, torture, read and speak to minds,
sexual abuse, brainwash, manipulate, control and
exploit people. 

I have to do with such since 22 years.
I once thought  who is doing this to me the secret service?
No, it is not the secret service. You are not important.
The next day I passed a car which I found out later was used
by police. One man in the car said to me. Mr Weinand, you are
not important.

What about that technology?

You go on using it for your advantage, keep silent and stating
with this democracy, human rights and law are just a miserable joke?
You keep stating the foundation of the West but also at other places
are lies?

Thursday, March 02, 2017

I am in bed in the afternoon regularly at the same time
and wake up the same time. I do not know this from
times before. Manipulation I cannot beat easily.
I stay longer in Surat Thani than I wanted.In
Had Yai I had the same. I could not easily meditate
as I did years before. I know I have to do a lot but
I do not organize that. Good to write that maybe I
find now a way to do that.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The last time also in Malaysia I have been a lot in bed also
today.I have not had stimulation of abusing sex in sleep
in the night for most of the time in Surat Thani.I don't do
much. I have difficulty to get doing. I lost money recently.
This voices I have and I think are not my own are
bothering. They are conversations with me about stuff now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

To get out of my depression is not that easy. I have to
develop discipline in meditation again first. Voices
are often that disturbing that I turn to them instead
just noting them. My posture  is not right. I hope I
get ahead with this seemingly easy things. They are
not that easy for me at the moment.
I had no harassment a few days. Yesterday I had stimulation
of  abusing sex. I assume it was a Thai. I was not that hard.
Today I had some of such stimulation again. It was stressful
and reducing activity. I have been in bed for three days in
Surat and felt better afterwards. I thought My body is ready
again for some action. The same day stimulation of abuseve
sex restartet.
This night I had this voices again that various sorts of
harassment would  restart. They want to make me work for
them this seems to ge real. I had in Bangkok recognized
an American which was inside my mindcontrol. He said
he had been too weak to resist and worked for them.
The voices I hear also tell me that they have been forced
to do this and could not resist.
There is a silent holocaust going on. The worst criminals
on this planet are usual governments. Such stuff which
happens to me for such a long time would never be tolerated
by non government forces. They would be with this a non
government source of power.

The people who do this will further try to ger me working
for them by permanent abusing me but leaving me also time
like before.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

What yesterday was announced did not happen.
I woke up and noticed no strong pain or abuse.
Mostly but not always  such announcements which told what later
should happen came true.
From the many painful stimulations I have an ongoing effect on my
body. I managed to meditate in the past a lot which countered much
of the effects. This I have  not manage the last years.  Often I just
could not think of it like it was with learning English.
I have to restart doing a lot of meditation. With it I can get my
strength back and sort out my mind. This I have to do first because I am
everything else than efficient in many things, burned out.
I have been passive often the last few years. Partly this came from many
years of stress and abuse and I could no more and did
no more want to take it. But did not find a way out and got depressed.
Today I noticed I am more free in my mind to go my way
and and noticed that I now can address this problem mentally
which I started and will have to do some time to be mentally better
prepared for future abuse. This means being less passive and being
active as far as I can and also want.
I could not write a police report about this stuff. I did not
manage and I blame me for this. Yes it appears weak.Yes I could tell
a lot why I did not manage to do it. I will later.
My depression which is not only the stuff I mentioned needs addressing
too. When I have my mental freedom I will try to address it with
mental work. The abuse is partly just shocking to me. In high stress
times the last few years mental work isn't much possible.
Voices which I think are not myown like lecturing me a lot about this
or that and disturbing talks during the day curb my thinking. Voices
are very disturbing for that.
I notice difficulty writing. I hope it is just once and not repeating in

Friday, February 17, 2017

I woke up tonight and had voices saying in the morning
I wood wake up in severe pain and probably not able
to travel. They would give me such pain repeatedly
until I would be willing to work for them.
The text is not exactly the same as it was. I can no
more remember it exactly as it was

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I notiec I cannot enjoy music enjoy much anymore.
My eyes get worse again.
This bestialic stimulation of  sexual abuse this day.
And what happened afterwards. A young woman
was asking for such sex by by signs. I answer this woman has
the right arss to beat 

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

President Trump wants to make America great again.
Then he will have to turn against the FDA.
This agency has to my observation been corrupt for
decades and has just proven this again.

FDA quietly bans powerful life-saving intravenous Vitamin C

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I am a few days in Thailand now and had every time sexual
harassment. Yesterday it was that strong that I was weak the
whole day. I then do not like much conversation then. This
I had often over many years. After strong harassment I do
not easily get together a smile or like to talk.
So relationships got difficult through this.
I have forgotten items several times the last days one item is

Friday, January 20, 2017

Forgetfulness is less at the moment possibly due to less
harrasment. But i have often pain in the area where the heart is. Sometimes the left arm is also tense. Only getting upset a little may make pain stronger. Exercises with arms increase pain so I  stopped it until I know  it is safe to do. Sometime ago I noticed that the many humiliations through the harassment are finally burdening my heart. In the last post I wrote that manpulation is less. It is less noticeable. I often cannot think of what I want to do and spend the day with other things. Going back to what I want functions for some time only after that  I am again doing nothing or something else.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Since the last post I had no severe harassment.
I had twice stimulation of abusing sex but
these were different and not so devastating yet painful.
That it seems possible to adjust harassment levels
 I noticed repeatedly.
Voices keep me from sleeping. Manipulation  is less
but I can't get easily to old strength. This was
repeatedly the case for longer time that I no more can
 do it.

Friday, January 06, 2017

The last three times asleep I had heavy harassment.
Stimulation of abusing sex as usual.
The first two days it was stressing, the second also
exhausting but today the third day the exhaustion presses
considerably on my activity.
First unlike the days before I innerly resist activity just
would like to relax. When I try to read I repeatedly end
up doing that or find myself busy with my voices. These
are stronger when I have a lot. of stress. My allergy
is stronger now .I feel my body can't take what is
happening. When it goes on this may mean decline.
Over the week I forgot several times things but I
happily retrieved the items later.
One person is a suspect to have done the sexual
harassment. It is the person in room 11.
But I do not know how to finish the harassment.
Voices say harassment will go on. They will finish my
case now. Such sounds pretty American rather idiotically
American but actually I  don't know really.
One thing I could do is to leave the Chinese influence
area may be anywhere to South America.
Chinese have been often enthusiastic about such abuse
and supporting harassment which leaves me no chance.
 I think I am an Mind control victim but I have never
heard of anyone who got out of such.

This post contained several mistakes. I recognized most
of them in the draft corrected them repeatedly but in the draft
the mistakes were repeated after correction.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

I had severe stimulation of abusing sex this morning.
Voices announced this yesterday. They say it will
go on.