Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Insider Reveals How DARPA Will Control Our Minds: "If Even 20% Of This Is True..."


I am a target or victim of Mind Control technology for
nearly 22 years now..
Grossly said it starts with harassment to take out the 
power of a person and then they program you the way
they like you. It may happen during sleep, through talks
which are information you take in, or else.

I consider the political system of the US or other western
countries as  weak or inferior. It usually ends up with
 two parties democrats and republicans controlling power
and their mindset controlling the society and suppressing
everything else. This is a danger fro the future of mankind.
But with this weapons these two parties make their political
control of the country or\probably better most of the world

I personally have been programmed to a democrat for a 
long time. I manage to deprogram this partly.
After I supported Trump in the last election I now notice 
been programmed to a conservative with an affection to
I am personally interested in Anarchism. But it is in all
areas tried to make me mainstream.
I noticed in Germany another person leaning towards
Anarchism been programmed to a democrat as I estimate it.
18 years ago I recognized an American being in my 
mind control. He admitted and said he was too weak to 
resist. He was as a pleasant person who I also
estimate not being accepted by American mainstream.
The voice or voices which bother me also say they are forced
to do this on this way the terrorist grid expands.
American is now already and will be always a total dictatorship
of the mainstream. Who is there who can challenge the power
of this two parties gone mad with power. A single person
is not able to achieve much. And organisations never can get
big with the two parties in power.

It was like this that Internet connection was
interrupted as I was writing this post and I
could not save the message. So I stored the
message on the computer in the Internet cafe
I was working with told them to leave it
untouched. I went to get an usb stick.
But when I came back and I wanted to start
the screen of the computer the computershut
down. this means in an Internet cafe usually
that everything gets deleted.  I thought I try
and tried to switch on the computer again.
But it did no more. I have to assume that in
this cafe people are working against me
supporting the harassment against me.
I had such also in Malaysia.

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