Saturday, April 01, 2017

I had the last time all times asleep sexual harassment.
Today I did not have it but ran into stress through my
allergies.. It started after I did not accept having no
privacy from Thais but this is not necessary the point
why it happened. Some beautiful girls I saw sometimes
looking at me. I related them to MC probably knowing
more about me than they should. Today a girl saw me
then demonstratively turned away. I did not know the girl.
I can[t stand having no privacy. It stops me talking
online about me. I do not like thinking because all is observed
stolen or commented, on messed with.
I feel depressed have no drive to do much.
It has to do that my personality is tried to be
realigned with different values and different
way of doing things.
I have memory problems concentration problems.
I should meditate more.

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