Sunday, April 02, 2017

I had again heavy sexual harassment this morning into sleep.
Yesterday it was announced by voices that I would have
my power back now. At least today it is like this.
Despite the heavy sexual harassment I can go on doing.
My passivity which I had a long time now is not only
my issue, my weakness. I blamed myself put myself down
for being passive but this important external factor I did
not even know.
For years I wanted to put my flat into good order when I
was there. T tried many times to work on it but ended up
doing only a little. I could not do it. voices said they wanted
to put me in a home for disabled. They were against this
purpose and boycotted it.They were able to do this.
The second purpose was to prevent me
from moving to a nice place at the beach.
Influence is partly that strong that I cannot resist.
They mess with my memory intendedly.
I will write a story about this.

A few days I had a talk in my head about western medicine:
The fantastic western high performance western medicine
High performance western medicine? They cannot
even heal a sniff or a cough. At least one of them.
When you look up common diseases you find they can only
relief of symptoms. This is not a high performance medicine
this is rather a scam.
I sent an article to my brother which included treatment options
for cancer prooven helpful but not supported.
It was written that pharmaceutical industry was going for
money and preventing helpful treaments for getting known.
I thought industry alone does not have the power to put such
through. Proper politics a proper working FDA would prevent
such. But the FDA is corrupt for decades and politicians
supporting such. Suspicion fell on my head on Hillary Clinton
who supports GMOs, The weedkiller of monsanto is
I heard Ted Cruz, the candidate who placed second
in the fight to become presidential candidate of the
republicans talking positive about medicine which I see corrupt.
Donald Trump is pro natural medicine! This offers some hope.
I think he has the duty to clear up the mess at the FDA and then
include changes in a reform of health-insurance.

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