Thursday, March 16, 2017

Impending Danger: Today’s “Super-Fuzed”, Super-Powerful US Thermonuclear Weapons Directed against Russia. “How is This Going to End?” (Putin)

How is this going to end?
I think America will do everything to subdue all countries on this
planet! They are mad with it. They are mad with it!
The weapons of the US will be used for this purpose. How cruel
they will be I do not know. But their huge weapons arsenal is for this

When we want freedom which means also freedom from American 
domination everybody  on this planet outside of America must learn
and get mad about and support it/

Freedom from American domination needs to be addressed globally.
People should get together for this.

There are other possible upcoming threats like the Chinese one.
It should be addressed separately. Such a forum or else could address
global security problems. It must not be controlled by America.

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