Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Judge: Investigation Into Obama Spying on Trump Would Reveal Mass Surveillance of All Americans


How about Mind Control technologies which can
be used to kill, torture, read and speak to minds,
sexual abuse, brainwash, manipulate, control and
exploit people. 

I have to do with such since 22 years.
I once thought  who is doing this to me the secret service?
No, it is not the secret service. You are not important.
The next day I passed a car which I found out later was used
by police. One man in the car said to me. Mr Weinand, you are
not important.

What about that technology?

You go on using it for your advantage, keep silent and stating
with this democracy, human rights and law are just a miserable joke?
You keep stating the foundation of the West but also at other places
are lies?

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