Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I had no harassment a few days. Yesterday I had stimulation
of  abusing sex. I assume it was a Thai. I was not that hard.
Today I had some of such stimulation again. It was stressful
and reducing activity. I have been in bed for three days in
Surat and felt better afterwards. I thought My body is ready
again for some action. The same day stimulation of abuseve
sex restartet.
This night I had this voices again that various sorts of
harassment would  restart. They want to make me work for
them this seems to ge real. I had in Bangkok recognized
an American which was inside my mindcontrol. He said
he had been too weak to resist and worked for them.
The voices I hear also tell me that they have been forced
to do this and could not resist.
There is a silent holocaust going on. The worst criminals
on this planet are usual governments. Such stuff which
happens to me for such a long time would never be tolerated
by non government forces. They would be with this a non
government source of power.

The people who do this will further try to ger me working
for them by permanent abusing me but leaving me also time
like before.

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