Monday, January 08, 2007

I am in Vientianne now. The first night I rented a room and wanted to set up shielding in the evening. But a man from upstairs came down and complained about the noise. So I went on and tried to be more silent. But he came again together with the staff from the guesthouse and complained again though I was only sitting and sorting some things i my room which was not loud. Maybe he belonged to the gangstalking I experience and wanted to prevent that I set up shielding which would have been noisier with aluminium foil. I first wanted to erect it up in the afternoon but then decided different.
I think there was programming involved. I had this quite often that I wanted to set up shielding in the afternoon and found me doing it in the evening and may be disturbing people.

In Vientianne I had stimulation of abusing sex every night which gives me trouble now. The stimulation is strong and makes it much more difficult to overcome my abusive past.
I need it not to happen to go ahead in working out this abuses. But voices say they don't want it.

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