Sunday, January 14, 2007

Possibly as an answer that I criticized the social democrats two days ago, I had stimulating of abusing sex today and additionally programming to a social democrat which I also had some years ago. A typical smiling social democrat is in my mind connected to abusing sex.
With typical social democrat I mean a world class truth twister and a permanent fiddler who despises everything in human life and is only interested in getting power over everything.

These attacks are unfortunately possible despite a lot of shielding. Probably I only can get some stress out of the attacks. When more severe attacks are able to reach meI may be sitting around for longer time and doing nothing.

Now I want to warn against such an organisations like the social democrats in Germany, Labour in England or similar ones elsewhere.
For me these organisations belong to the most dangerous ones for human freedom and a human future.
As their dream is to build a society with institutions and regulations which enable the total control of everyone, which reduce people to puppets for the ruling with no possibility to escape.
When you look at western medicine, Psychiatry and the soical system the which is control orientated you see they are going ahead quickly with their goals.
The fact that psychotronics are not an important issue to discuss about that even documents about this were removed from the National Library of Amerika the last years is another hint in this direction. The use of Psychotronics helps the mainstream a lot ahead in shpaing people to their desires.
The democrats are this not doing alone but they are one important force inside this no matter what they say.
They are world class liars and fiddler. Without knowledge you won't even recognize this.

They aren't an alternative for anything. They are good for nothing.

This should be seen and alternatives must be developped instead of giving in in their dominance.
I know this necessity for more than 25 years. But how difficult it is to develop alternatives and how dangerous this party actually is shows that I am a target of hidden weapons and it is tried to force me into social democracy.

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