Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Corruption in Malaysia

Last time when I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I sent a registered letter and the same content as a fax to German officals. I went back to Penang and had there programming which I remembered when I noticed that both the fax and the registered letter never arrived in Germany. The programming had to do with not sending my items.
So they interfere in my life in Malaysia without asking and bring about trouble for me.

When I left Kuala Lumpur last time by bus I saw a big label with the following letters on it.

"The power to shape lifes." Then was a German Pharma company in connection with Malays mentioned.
People shape their lifes themselves. when they are in trouble or weak this possibility should not be removed from them.
When they are shaped by somebody else this is in the interest of those who do it, and this is against freedom, against basic human rights.
To my estimation exactly this is probably happening in Malaysia and cannot be accepted and must be changed. That could be a task of the Asean countries as well of the Malay people to screen the structures in Malaysia and to enforce freedom for the people.
If you don't do it there is a danger that Malaysia spreads its unfree system and Malays and also foreigners suffer from undesired interference with accordant consequences in their lifes.

Also in other countries like in Thailand there is interfered with my life but about this later.

In Penang I am going to collect a packet. I hope that goes well. I remember that I received a private packet from the postal service there which had been opened before and that probably people had snooped around it.

I called the post office Penang already and asked about the packet. A woman wanted to know a parcel number, I said 'moment I look it up'. She waited a little and then finished the call. I called again and gave her the number of the packet . After she had it she finished the call again.
I redialed, then I spoke to a man who said,' you have to dial the following number'. I wrote it down and repeated it to the Malay for confirmation. It was okay. Then I tried this number two times but got the message that this number was not valid.

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