Friday, April 13, 2007

I had for long programming to stay or to go to Malaysia. This country is unfree so more possibilities for those who hunt me are there.
That they want me to have and stay in Malaysia could be a reason why the packet sent for me to the post office in Penang is not there. It should have arrived by two weeks ago. They may want me to wait for it which may take 2 months. I had as voice that I should wait for it and also in a talk with a Canadian.
What speaks against this is that I had a lot of harassment during sleep while in Penang and yesterday harsh gay programming which is everything else than inviting to stay in that country.
Yesterday I had a voice that I would get the packet now. I just had a talk with some travellers and said that I did not want to stay in Malaysia. It would be out of question.
We will see. I never know if the voice is right or not. there is always a lot of tricking involved as well as programming. Voices, technically induced, are information you store and which change your thinking and response to certain things when you do not deal with them consciously.

Such things are nowadays normal criminal mainstreamstandard.

I recognize and appreciate that descrimination towards me is considerably less in Malaysia compared to some years ago, but when I together with other things consider the trouble I had and have now, I don't to like to stay in this country for long.

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