Friday, April 20, 2007

I had no gay programming during my last sleep but also attacks with stimulation of abusing sex which was exhausting. In Malaysia I had gay programming during sleep but also stimulation while awake and voices about it.
This terror is a huge strain on my life. I sometimes would like to write an article to this or that but often I end up not doing it also because of the burden. That is what the perps want I think. They exploit me by mind reading and keep me weak so that I cannot express myself and have the benefit of my knowledge and life the life I want. To my estimation MC is done by government around the world and others who have access to it also in Thailand. Bastards!!!
How should I respect authorities when I have to estimate things like this. But they don't mind victims like me usually have not the power to go against them.
There is not only the above as a consequence of MC to a target, there is a lot connected to this. I should speak about it later. This technology should not be used against the people and be forbidden and controlled.

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