Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today I watched the CNN report about the Virgina massacre. The relatives and others mourned the victims.
I thought a good mourning show. Yes, you need to do such a show it is custom over there. And a good show produces some sympathy which may be usful in future.
When it comes to MC Americans usually enjoy it. They enjoy the torture, the rapes, the manipulation, the brainwashing and the exploitation done to the victims. I personally have met a former FBI agent who openly with joy spoke about MC that at some point the victims can't take it anymore and break. I personally know Americans who I believe to be inside my MC and stay quiet.
The man who teaches yoga in the Mut Mee guesethouse in Nong Khai even tried to advertise his yoga classes in a way that seems to relate to knowledge about me gained by MC. In Bangkok an American started a talk with me and soon showed that he had illegal knowledge about me.
What about regulating this technology and restoring human rights and the rests of democracy you had?

But I believe it is rather American to go on feigning about human rights and silently enjoy the MC abuses.
This is American isn't it, ...mainstream it is for sure.

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