Thursday, April 19, 2007

Corruption in Thailand connected to Germany

Four years ago I stayed in a meditation monastery close to Sawi in Thailand. I left for some time and did other things for a while like following on the Internet a group of people who where involved with Psychiatry. This was interesting for me because it was tried to force me to a Psychiatrist for a examination in Germany, which afterwards could lead to being forcibly admitted to a closed ward.
When I came back to the meditation monastery the first night I stayed there I had massive pain and stress. I tried to build up shielding but a man close to my room complained about the noise which this made, so I could no more do much. The next day, still feeling very miserable I went to see the doctor in the hospital in Sawi. I explained him my symptoms. He did not do any examinations, he did not ask any questions. At once after I had finished speaking he offered me psychotropic drugs and nothing else. I said I would not take drugs for the mind and left.
The next day my lawyer contacted me by email and told me that I now could get my files from the prosecution in Darmstadt concerning the case which had lead to the conviction for a examination by a psychiatrist. He also made an offer to apply for an abatement of the action against me which would have cost me some hundred Euros. I did not react on this offer at that time.
Regarding the files of the prosecution, I had waited for these for months. Normally you can get such files in some days. I don't have this email anymore because the service was shut down on short notice.
I assume that the stress I had was harassment to support the acceptance for taking drugs and that this was supported by the doctor in Sawi and the German prosecution in Darmstadt.

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