Saturday, September 24, 2016

Again heavy stimulation of abusing sex. Voices are saying
that such will go on, while voices say freedom is essential
the first time I have this voices when I remember right.
Democrats are a utmost enemy of freedom and fight it
that I know for decades. Conservatives I experienced even
worse in Germany under Helmut Kohl and afterwards.
But it is the nature of governments to try to control
and manage everything up to the detail with not that much
interest in the damage they do. Just mad with power
and playing around with it using any imaginable lie to
justify its further ongoing use using any available means
to keep on going this way. This seems to be the nature of
government. Maybe I am too much generalizing. Then I want
to see the differrence now. How about putting Mind Control
weapons under control? You won't, right. You want go on
playing, right?

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