Friday, August 10, 2012

While I stayed in Malaysia I mostly slept during the day and was awake in the night. I tried to sleep in the night, it did not work.
The last days sleep is more usual during the night. I get still too late to bed but get a normal time of sleep most of it in the night.
I don't know if this change is due to programming.

I had all nights in Chaiya stimulation of abusing sex.
I was angry about that and stayed awake for some time to find out.
I did not stay awake long enough but fell asleep but when I woke up I noticed no stimulation of abusng sex.
The afternoon I got tired suddenly and laid down. I woke up some hours later and noticed that probably brainwashing.had happened

In Germany about 20 years ago I knew a young man, appearing to be an anarchist who got homeless who I met then later and had changed. I would label him from the beginning a democrat..Probably brainwashing.
I notice the same programming in me now  I noticed in him.
I assume that in the German social system it is systematically worked with brainwashing and harassment to bring the people in line with desired ways of thinking.

I do not know if I can resist the permanent programming and terror in the long run. The problem is it takes time to deprogram. You have several times programming in your head before one issue is deprogrammed. Further the terror takes my power and concentration away.
There are also a lot of voices appearing during the day. Often it happens just when I wake up like today after the brainwashing which I assume today

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