Friday, August 24, 2012

Today was different from the last ones. I did not have this making me mentally work through topics to access my knowledge in a certain area at all which was often before the last days.
I tried to resist such sometimes but it is difficult as they stay with the task.
Some talks were there today some insulting some friendly.
Well, I am disabled because of mental problems.  Many would say your voices are from this. It is not that easy.

And I am troubled with voices which I learn slowly to deal with. Okay as long as voices are no problem they don't need to get addressed. Mine are partly troubling.
As a guideline for me I forget all what the mainstream says about that just ignore it and look for something reasonable. What they say is just insulting, humiliating for those who hear them and it is wrong.
Voices are no hallucinations, you are not mad because of this. To state that shows ignorance. I consider a doctor who states that as a wimp. Voices have to do with your history. You should learn about them to try to understand them. not try to make them go away, that is the  nonsense doctors I have over time recognized some voices belonging to my father. Experience with your voices helps to deal with them.

But I am also sure there are technical voices. I have talks with reasonable answers again and again. With my own voices this should not happen. I get questioned I refuse to answer and then I get presented the answer as if it was taken out of my brain.I get the voice to contact a person in the near neighborhood.

This technical stuff makes it more difficult to deal with my own voices.

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