Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I was some days in Malaysia. Except once I had sexual harassment and programming. In guesthoue Ideal in Kota Baru I had massive programming of such. Members of the family of the guesthouse holder I caught several times doing psychic attacks so they may have been involved.

I am in Singapore now. I intend to go to a doctor. There are topics which may be simply medical, but some indicators are there that MC could play a role. Singapore is said to be not that corrupt.
In Thailand I had two instances where medical doctors where involved in electronic harassment I assume that they are in MC, but this they are probably everywhere. In Germany I had in a doctors office programming to a social democrat and recognized that the doctor may have to do with it. In Malaysia control and corruption of state controlled institutions I had already (muslim controlled postal service).

In Pennang, Malaysia I once woke up with a feeling of numbness in my head in the budget guesthouse. It was the same feeling you have when the doctor gives you an injection before dental surgery.
The evening before I had filed a police report because I had been threated repeatedly by some people. From this day on the people in the guesthouse were very unfriendly. The attitude had changed to the negative. How come? How this feeling of mumbness in my head?
I went to a doctor to get this checked but he said there could be hundreds of substances involved. It would be hard to find out.

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