Friday, September 04, 2009

Again massive Stimulation of abusing sex. The programming which comes along with it lives on. I have a lot of deprogramming to do. There is also a danger that such programming is successful and brings you to a closer relationship with abusing sex. I assume Thais are involved. I have this abuse that often that I think. There are many sexual abusers in Thailand, many monsters in Thailand. But I have this at other places too. But how should such points heal when it gets stimulated again and again. And because the wounds are kept open others jump on it. It is a vicious circle and a disaster in my life also apart from the suffering caused by this. Stimulation of abusing sex alone can lead to a burn out when it happens a lot and makes relationships much more difficult.
There is another question. Are people that primitive that they are greedy on a sexual abuse when people cannot defend themselves? It looks like this. I have this stimulation always during sleep when I am not aware of what happens.

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