Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Psychology Today Hit Piece Labels Conspiracy Thinking A Psychotic Illness

Some years ago I spoke several times with a man who stated to be a former FBI agent.
On the question how I could escape MC he said. "Not at all, because nearly all governments around the world like to use it."

About 10 years ago I met twice with an American carpenter in Bangkok. We were neighbors in a guesthouse. The second time I met him I said: 'You are in the system why do you work for them?'
I had recognized him being in the system( A system which internationally harasses selected people whereever they go) because he spoke nearly exactly the same way as the voices I heard in my head the way before. This is a sign of being under mindcontrol when such things happen.
As far I know I found something about that point on
A service which specializes in countering als such stuff.

Well the American admitted that he worked for the system. He said, 'I work for them because I am too weak. I could not resist. I have lost everything I had through the terror of this system.'He was not willing to give me his name or address. This I had always when I recognized someone in the system.

Such psychologists like the one mentioned in the link from above make it clear, they are highly probable a threat to those who ask them for help.

I am serious about this. My sister is a social worker. She said that with therapies it would be like this. One third has effect. One third has no effect. One third brings about damage.
Further one third of the problems which look worth treating disappear when time passes or the people manage to get along with it.
Not that much about psychologists. psychiatrists, doctors and so on...

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