Monday, March 16, 2015

I had an account on

It is a forum for victims of mind control technology.

Today I got a message I would have been banned.
I have not been told any reason why this is so I am
sure there is no

Before I had lost my password and tried to recover it.
The service sent an recovery email to my
registered email address but it never arrived.
Also not in the spam folder. I tried this procedure  many times
to get an email to recover my password.
But such an email never arrived.

I then just subscribed with another email address
Now I was just kicked out without informing me.
Miserable behavior.

I expect them to just reopen the service for me!
I won't creep for that!

It is possible that this service is meanwhile controlled by
 (people who want to keep the mind control victims victims)

I had this already in another  more or less American controlled
mind control groupI got  just kicked out because of little things
 from mainstream idiots.

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