Friday, April 22, 2016

Remote Neural Monitoring (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism)Reality and Awareness

There is technology which can read your mind they which  can
speak to your mind which can be used to harass you using

That is happening to me. And for sure information from my
brain is used by people in the US, in Germany, in Thailand
Malaysia and other countries without my knowledge and consent.
They just use the information know or participate in
harassment in the destruction of my life keep silent and use the
information from me to their advantage.

I have had mind monitoring for all the years, no privacy
Manipulation. I was not able to lead the life I wanted.
I was most of the time down due to the harassment and relation
ships less possible.
I had manipulation which stopped me from Learning English.
There were even times when I could not think of it.
Before I was doing it on a daily basis.
Intense long time harassment and manipulation  led to thinking
mistakes making me much weaker than I was before.
Manipulation also kept me down. I was long time not able
to do intense meditation. I did not manage what I was used to do

I have had 20 years many if not most days stimulation of abusing
sex, 20 years  mostly painful stressful stimulation of such sex
and you bastards keep quiet and enjoy or use the information you

Fuck you bastards! Just Fuck you! No, I do not keep proper form now!

To my estimation government may be or may have been included
in doing such crimes.
They probably will be able to shift guilt to other groups.

It was my personal weakness that I did not keep up with the
development in this area, This stuff is lets say public
for some time.

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