Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Some days later I met a malay and had a talk. I had met him before and we spoke the first time much about health. Now again he started about Zyprexa. The problems with it were not big that there were new drugs with fewer side effects. I answered that the problems were not small when the company had to pay 650 million $ indemnification to users of Zyprexa. And so on.

Later during the day I sensed that there was programming to go to a pharmacie to buy drugs.
I had in Penang apart from 2 days in the beginning and the last two always stimulation of abusing sex. The programming to go to a pharmacie contained a type of lust which was also used for other purposes.
That is what I recognized. But this kind of stuff may easyly be misinterpreted. So I regard what I observed better as a preliminary view.

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