Monday, October 28, 2013

Lynn Weed from
sent me an email with the following headline:

Breaking News!!!... a good thing has Happened, someone found that FFCHS had been contacted by Charles Manson... It's turns out He was Experiencing all the Covert Surveillance and Electronic Torture of Targeted Individuals

comment: is a website of targets of Gangstalking and mindcontrol techniques.
Charles Manson stated to FFCHS, another website for such targets, that he had all the
symptoms mind control victims experience. 
I have not a confirmation for this information so I am not sure if that happens. 
That means he was possibly a mind control victim before he went on the murder spree.
He probably also had mental problems before but when you know that mental sick
people do not  commit crimes more than the average citizen then you see that you
cannot simply blame his mental problems for the massacre he did.  It is reasonable to assume that something else or a lot additionally happened in his life which finally caused him to do such.
Mind control technologies are able to exploit mental problems are maybe to blame for this.

What about regulating Mind Control technologies in the US?

It was tried but not done about 10 years ago. But, you won't,  because in power you want to have fun with such including inducing massacres and sexual abuse. Further they are used for control, manipulation. Many Thais like this as well. But such chit Thais do not have to tell me anything.
I resist to my best abilities.


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